The NACIVT-Montreal 2011 committees, main objectives are to ensure and develop a successful and well-organized 67th annual NACIVT event, in order to continue and exemplify the tradition of ethnicity, culture, and friendship. These values are shared by the following individuals, who are the main committee executive members:

J.K. Wong

VP-Treasury   :                                                                  Liping Shao

VP-Secretary   :                                                                Roddy Chung

Financial Fundraiser :                                                      Annie Yu Chan

Committee Executive General  :                                    Angela Lew

Committee Executive Members  :                                           Andrew Ngo
                                                                                              Byron Lee
                                                                                              Chun Lei Li
                                                                                              Ivan Khoo
                                                                                              Johnny Ngo
                                                                                              Keo Malichanh
                                                                                              Meng Hao
                                                                                              Susanne Cheng

Welcome Committee Executives  :                          Henry Eng
                                                                               Millie Lum


The following committee members are currently also giving a great pair of hands in all the organizing of this event:

Alice Mai-Xuan
Jerry Hu
Mindy Huang
(this list is not complete!)


Special Thanks to the following individuals for all their great help and guidance:

Gloria Shum
J.C. Chen
Danny Moy
Ricky Chan
Ursula Liang
Wendy Huang
Otto Chan
... and many more to come





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