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There are thousands of weblinks on the internet that are related to the city of Montreal. Here, we will show you the most popular and useful links we believe is right for you to explore.


Montreal Tourist links: (this is an absolute fabulous link to learn more about Montreal and help you get around the city.) (MAPS are tourists’ best friends. Montrealers even find these maps are well done!)


Means of Transportation:

Regardless if you are driving to Montreal or taking a flight into town, there is always the most convenient way for you to travel around the city. (STM: the most convenient way to travel around the city... take the famous underground subway, follow by a nice city bus ride to your closest destination) (Taxi) (The famous Bus 747: for those who are flying in to the Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport, this bus ride 747 is the most recommended means of transportation we will suggest. Read more by clicking on the link.)


Some interesting popular Montréal-Québec links:

Subscribe to the following websites, live like a Montrealer! (art, fashion, food, events,... get to know how a Montrealer live like.) (the one link you need to see what deals you can get in Montreal, since you will be here soon. It shows you all the group deals related to Montreal.)

Resto/Food links!:

Here are some reference pages to look for some of Montreal’s famous, good, yummy restaurants and/or food related locations.



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