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The Suns, although having only six years of experience in the volleyball circuit, have been involved with Chinese basketball for over 35 years. Since the early 1970's, The Philadelphia Suns has played an instrumental role in our community. Our mission is to promote, organize, and support athletic, cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for anyone who wishes to participate. The Suns have a part in meeting the needs of youths in their formative years and into their young adult lives. Over half of the 70 active members are under the age of twenty.
We are now nurturing our ninth generation of young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow. As an organization, we’ve sought to foster community among the various ages through the required team-wide events. It is through our team events where more mature members, some in their late fifties, are working with and alongside six year olds. Entire families have supported each other through The Suns’ activities.

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Philadelphia fastballonly.

We are an athletic club that strives to provide a competitive environment to our members. We are fully dedicated to hosting a variety of events, camps, leagues, and tournaments for our community. We are fastballonly!




Philly CIA started back in 2006. Our very first tournament was down in DC which ended in disaster not even getting out of pool play. Over the past few years our club has grown adding a Jr's team and hopefully adding a female team next year. We compete in the NY Mini and the NACVIT national tournament every year. For the past few years we have been places in the top 16. For those who know us they will know that we're not really from philly. Our team is more based out of NJ (Rutgers Area) with a lot of other members from NY and Maryland. Our club is always looking for good Asian Volleyball players that are interested in learning the game of 9man Volleyball. We're out here to have fun but to also to win.

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